Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hye all..

Hey people,,
i`d just went back from class..
tired and exhausted..
and i`d presentation just now..
for Ims..
Thank God..
Finally,its over..
But there are two more presentations to go..
which is next week..
next week is another hell for me..
On monday,we got lab test for bioethics..
and on tuesday,there is endo quiz..
and wednesday,got ims presentation and lab test..
lotsa lotsa things to be done..
and plus..
there`s 2 more weeks left before final..
and yet..
of course preparation are needeed..
and me?
zero in mind..
i mean..i havent done any revision yet..
except the quizzes topics..
wat a..
ok then..
tahts all till now..
so long and goodbye fellows..

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today, im goin out.
with tasha,my hoomie..
Bosan d rumah..
so, go out la..
we`r goin to town..
to pas, sacc mall..
and pkns..
just went for peeps..
duit blom masok..
no window shopping..
just out to release stress..
but the best thing is..
we karaokeing..
give out loud kn..
want to go to quality hotel..
but think bout the budget..
we just go to kbox..
ok la..
at least bole nyanyi....;p
after bantai 10 songs..
we`r out to kfc..
p mamam..
fortunately,no sales.
if not..
i will be dreaming to buy somethings..
ok then..
thats it for today..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

time to study.

i got an A for my musculo paper..
the result is out yesterday..
Thank U Allah for giving me this great grade..
try my best for this coming final!
wish me luck!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

oh my.

Classes start as usual.
And lotsa quizzes plus minus the lab reports and the assignment..
i need holidays.
no semangat bha attend class sok.
but I should maintain my attendance now.
cause i dun wanna lost the 5% just like that.
Dun be too lazy.
U should grab ur aim!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

to my bFF, khal..

Hey dearie,

dun be too upset..

chill darl...

kan me suda bilang..kumbang bukan seekor..

no need to extra think about it k?

promise me n i`ll promise u back that we will move on together..

u Noe that u can count on me bha..

anything u want to share..

u`re most welcomed dear..


i promise u i will be there till the end of time..

O.M.G..hw many years till now?

its been almost 14 years+- kn?

hoho..we could make an anniversary..oh my.

watever it is..

i love u darl.

and no matter wat happens..

u always have me.

i now, its been quite long kn we didnt hang out together..


but u owez in my heart,dear.


for the pain and the sucks that u`d been through..

drag me into it.

cause i dun want u to be alone.

Remember darl.

Just move on your life

and no turning back.


once u broken by it

the scar will be there.


( and perhaps friend is just nice for ur both but if the `friend` thing is kinda annoying ur heart, then let it just be bygone be bygone,k?)

lotsa loves darl.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

when the rope is broken,

we mend it..

we tie it back....

but how many times do we need to do this

when one thing for sure that..

everytime we broke it, scar left behind..

and not the number of mends that matters..

but the scars that we made.

Nothing could change this.



love verses.

the rustle of the sand

in the arid desert

resembles the barrenness of the thought of my heart

i`ve been dragged into complicated loves

when i`m convinced when affection isnt merely about love

i would put the glorious sacrifices of love at stake

forgive me for i am imperfect

i can`t stop this love

the love verses tell the story of my love to u

when happiness begins to overwhelm

i feel that i can live longer

but i must leave this love

while im prostrating..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

oh no.

Breakup is the best option.
Cause no other way that we can be survived.
Thanks for the memories.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To my Darlins Bff.

hey darlings..

Thnks for being there when i need u..

thnks for being there whenever i need someone to talk to..

thnks for being there anytime i need u..

thnks for ur concerns..

thnks for all the advices that u give..

every single words are precious to me.

thnks for the time u spent with me.

even its not too long..in sms n chat even phone calls..but still i super appreciate it.thnks darlings.

and im grateful to have u all as my bff ,yeps.

so sorry for all the late sms replies,the late onlines and watsoever.

quite busy this time.really busy.


doesn`t mean that u`re forgotten.

u always in my heart.

whenever i go, watever i do.

u still the very best friends ever.

Thnks darlings.

friends forever and xoxos.

to my dearies, Khal and Neils.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Happy belated v day, sayang!

hate that i love you.

(psst..better late than never kn?;p)

sorry for the late wish.

u Noe me.

Quite pms for the past days.


neway,sori for everything.

I bet sacrifices are worthful at the end.


( mcm prnah dgr pula..ngee..)



wat a boring holiday i had.


im having a totally freakin olidays while the others having a good time at home.

all my siblings are goin back home

and yes! except me.damn.

And me?

just stayin at home doin my assignments and movies marathon.

FORTUNATELY,great movies present here.

i`d seen sidney white,friday the 13th,pisau cukur,papadom.2012,jennifer`s body.

and comin soon..the descent and pearl harbour.



got to go now.

i want to finish up my past year papers.

before im too lazy to do them.



Wednesday, February 3, 2010

today?is a boO-ring Day.


is 03/02/2010.

My Mom`s birthday.


happy Birthday mOm..

Hope u`ll be enjoying the day

with precious moment with dad..


and me..

Life goes on as usual..

I went to cardio class this morning..

well,class starts at 8am..of course..

and quite boring today..

which means that..

I am sleepy..Lol.

its not just sleepy.

but too sleepy..ha-ha

and worst of all..

i don`t even know what we were studying just now..

sengal rite?

i just know about the.

main topic today which is..

BLOod Vessels.


millions sorries to Dr. Mohanad R. Alwan

sorry doctor=(

i promise u i`ll be doing well in the final.


And Good news Today !!

yeay!i`d got an A for the Cardio midsem paper!

congrats Myself!!yeay!

there was behind the scene story to share..


My result was spotlighted just now..

i mean..

Dr. Mohanad is very unexpected.

He can even play jokes on my result..

suda la kena pigi depan tingu result tu..


and as others,

i am also included in the `nervous` situation..

everybody is afraid to accept the reality..

to see their marks on the paper lied on Dr. Mohanad`s hands.



as soon as my turn came..

slowly i went to Dr`s desk..


takut seyh..

might be i `ll be the one that fails..



wat a relieve.


and Alhamdulillah..thnks to God..

i manage to get good result in this exam..


there was a silly scene here..

other than happiness,

i`d receive the good news after i`d been pranked by dr Mohanad..

its like,ada pulak cmtu kn?haha

he asked my name and said that i got a C- for cardio paper..

and he announced it loudly.

where all of my classmates heard about my grade.

Its embarassment right?~_~

at first,its unbelievable..

i was like,seriously?my full name is Harlina bt Halipi, Dr..

can u check it for me one more time?

but he seems to be very good in acting..

that makes me to believe in every single of his words..

and not only me.

but all of us.


and me?

of course feeling very dissapointed.

and when i`d start to take steps back to my seat

he then said..

`No larh..u got an A for this paper`




But i am extremely relieve to hear that..


neway,Praise to Allah S.W.T for give me blessings in this paper.

Syukur Alhamdullillah.Hopely, that all of my papers

will be good.

Since then.

Adios and asta lavista.


Happy birthday mom!

( my super duper lovely mummy!love u so much)

Happy birthday mama!

Can`t go back home to celebrate this moment with my mom..

but ..


i want to buy something special for her..hehe...

Neway,may Allah S.W.T give blessings in whatever u do,mom..

Hope that u will be happy all the time..

throughout the years..

Stay cool and beautiful as ever!=)


just want u to know that ..

i love u so much than others do..

Live long mummy!

and happy 53th birthday!


i heart u!

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