Saturday, February 20, 2010

to my bFF, khal..

Hey dearie,

dun be too upset..

chill darl...

kan me suda bilang..kumbang bukan seekor..

no need to extra think about it k?

promise me n i`ll promise u back that we will move on together..

u Noe that u can count on me bha..

anything u want to share..

u`re most welcomed dear..


i promise u i will be there till the end of time..

O.M.G..hw many years till now?

its been almost 14 years+- kn?

hoho..we could make an anniversary..oh my.

watever it is..

i love u darl.

and no matter wat happens..

u always have me.

i now, its been quite long kn we didnt hang out together..


but u owez in my heart,dear.


for the pain and the sucks that u`d been through..

drag me into it.

cause i dun want u to be alone.

Remember darl.

Just move on your life

and no turning back.


once u broken by it

the scar will be there.


( and perhaps friend is just nice for ur both but if the `friend` thing is kinda annoying ur heart, then let it just be bygone be bygone,k?)

lotsa loves darl.

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