Wednesday, February 3, 2010

today?is a boO-ring Day.


is 03/02/2010.

My Mom`s birthday.


happy Birthday mOm..

Hope u`ll be enjoying the day

with precious moment with dad..


and me..

Life goes on as usual..

I went to cardio class this morning..

well,class starts at 8am..of course..

and quite boring today..

which means that..

I am sleepy..Lol.

its not just sleepy.

but too sleepy..ha-ha

and worst of all..

i don`t even know what we were studying just now..

sengal rite?

i just know about the.

main topic today which is..

BLOod Vessels.


millions sorries to Dr. Mohanad R. Alwan

sorry doctor=(

i promise u i`ll be doing well in the final.


And Good news Today !!

yeay!i`d got an A for the Cardio midsem paper!

congrats Myself!!yeay!

there was behind the scene story to share..


My result was spotlighted just now..

i mean..

Dr. Mohanad is very unexpected.

He can even play jokes on my result..

suda la kena pigi depan tingu result tu..


and as others,

i am also included in the `nervous` situation..

everybody is afraid to accept the reality..

to see their marks on the paper lied on Dr. Mohanad`s hands.



as soon as my turn came..

slowly i went to Dr`s desk..


takut seyh..

might be i `ll be the one that fails..



wat a relieve.


and Alhamdulillah..thnks to God..

i manage to get good result in this exam..


there was a silly scene here..

other than happiness,

i`d receive the good news after i`d been pranked by dr Mohanad..

its like,ada pulak cmtu kn?haha

he asked my name and said that i got a C- for cardio paper..

and he announced it loudly.

where all of my classmates heard about my grade.

Its embarassment right?~_~

at first,its unbelievable..

i was like,seriously?my full name is Harlina bt Halipi, Dr..

can u check it for me one more time?

but he seems to be very good in acting..

that makes me to believe in every single of his words..

and not only me.

but all of us.


and me?

of course feeling very dissapointed.

and when i`d start to take steps back to my seat

he then said..

`No larh..u got an A for this paper`




But i am extremely relieve to hear that..


neway,Praise to Allah S.W.T for give me blessings in this paper.

Syukur Alhamdullillah.Hopely, that all of my papers

will be good.

Since then.

Adios and asta lavista.


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