Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To my Darlins Bff.

hey darlings..

Thnks for being there when i need u..

thnks for being there whenever i need someone to talk to..

thnks for being there anytime i need u..

thnks for ur concerns..

thnks for all the advices that u give..

every single words are precious to me.

thnks for the time u spent with me.

even its not too long..in sms n chat even phone calls..but still i super appreciate it.thnks darlings.

and im grateful to have u all as my bff ,yeps.

so sorry for all the late sms replies,the late onlines and watsoever.

quite busy this time.really busy.


doesn`t mean that u`re forgotten.

u always in my heart.

whenever i go, watever i do.

u still the very best friends ever.

Thnks darlings.

friends forever and xoxos.

to my dearies, Khal and Neils.

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