Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hye all..

Hey people,,
i`d just went back from class..
tired and exhausted..
and i`d presentation just now..
for Ims..
Thank God..
Finally,its over..
But there are two more presentations to go..
which is next week..
next week is another hell for me..
On monday,we got lab test for bioethics..
and on tuesday,there is endo quiz..
and wednesday,got ims presentation and lab test..
lotsa lotsa things to be done..
and plus..
there`s 2 more weeks left before final..
and yet..
of course preparation are needeed..
and me?
zero in mind..
i mean..i havent done any revision yet..
except the quizzes topics..
wat a..
ok then..
tahts all till now..
so long and goodbye fellows..

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