Friday, July 9, 2010

well,YAH,im a TWILIGHT fans,SO WAT?jealous??

well, for those that are not familiar with the words
TWILIGHT SAGA,u`re a miss.
Its a fantastic best romance movies ever!well,as u know (if u really noe me)..
i am a trully twilight fans,,
well actuallly,im a EDWARD & JACOB fan,,(bella excluded..im jealous of her..haha)!
and i dun care what people says about twilight saga, i mean for those that are NOT the fans,
for me, the stories really make me a TWILIGHT maniac,for sure.
and im thinking to watch it again and again ( i mean,ECLIPSE) as i did for twilight..
my ex-hoomies know me better,
i watch TWILIGHT for more than 10 times and never get bored.
if u asked me WHY?like there`s no other movies?
my answer is yeah,of course theres lots of movies,but this one is different,,
the romance is exotic,the way Stephanie Mayer develops the stories is unthinkable..
the way she delivers the dialogs are just so perfect,
so-so-so perfect.
oh,i love their words so much!
( kenapa aku rasa mcm jiwang jak nie?lol..watever la.-__-)
but,fo me,
ECLIPSE is the best among the best,,
seriously,twilight and new moon are not as exciting as EClipse,,idk,,but for trullyy,,btol..!
still,the yesterday eclipse-fever is not so over,,im still in the mood of Edward and JAcob..
(lantak la mo ckp pa,,yg penting sy HAPPY..heeee;)))) )

p/s:ily Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner,aww

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