Friday, July 9, 2010

Hye lagi,,:)

Hye bloggies;)
gud evening everyone...!
today, i want to continue updating my blog with posts,,
yeah,,quite some time did not updating this blog,,
hmm,,trasa mcm maw tukar pulak setting blog ni,,
furthermore,,im quite bored this time,,no one in the house except me and my other siblings-hommies,,hee
tomorrow`s weekend rite,,no wonder la suma kluar,,
actually,im goin for lunch just now at shh alm,,dunnoe wat section is that,,but dkat2 dgn plaza masalam,,
quite a lot i mkn,,and of course very2 full,,heh,,
we ordering the lunch set for two person (of course only me and my love;)) )..
hw about tom yam,sotong goreng,kangkung belacan and telur dadar..;p
sounds yummy kn.kn??
mmg kebulur tahap  gaban,,hantam sja klu makan,,hee
btw,,talking about eat,,well,i have to admit here that im in the process of DIET-ing.
( yah,dun laugh!,,i noe i`ve been trying for ages to diet,and AT LEAST im tryin la kn,,;;p)
seriously,,i want to make my body look slimmer and balance..any suggestion rather than mnum teh herba org kg yg menyakitkan perut saya?aish..watever la,if u noe,do tell me.
seriously, the tea is making me sick.but still,sbb maw kurus pnya pasl,i`d try to imagine that im drinking a CHOCOLATE BLOG instead of that puke`able tea.Gosh.
YET, STILL the tea is helping me in my digestion. (ok la,im being a considerable person,ok,paling manang la punya ayat.lol)
after the lunch, we`re goin to PAS which is known as Plaza Alam SEntral in Shah ALAm ( i bet my friends in Sabah doesnt know what PAS means,ok,bkn parti PAS ok,,;p).
i want to survey the price for my lappy yg rosak tu..i mean the cost to fix it.
oh ya, fyi, my lappy rosak sbb si Dodi.
and fyi again, Dodi tu kucing sy. yea, my cat yg mcm paling manang la kn.
How dare dya p kasi tumpah air d keyboard laptop tu.
(and hell,its my fault la jga put the glass of water near the laptop)
but,dun u understand Dodi??dun u?aihh
watever la,,
tdi jaln2 kat pas,jmpa one site of corner ni,they sell cakes,Looks good and yummy!
The price are not bad compared to Secret Recipe kn,and the taste pon not bad jga,ok la.
And for u all yg pegi PAS and feels like to eat cakes, do come to the first floor near the escalator,
There are plenty of cakes there. The name is Danish Pastry Centre..
And they do not put their sign board or wat,but surely,u will noe the place if u go to the first floor..
besides near the escalator,unless u goin down to ground floor by jumping trus dri tgkt 1.
If that,confirm xjmpa2..heee;p
Ok la,,i just want to make a quick update,,till then, want to take shower first.

p/s: where`s my alejandro?

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