Friday, July 16, 2010

ish,,sy sangat bengang dgn kaw!

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haih,,blik2 jak masalah,,hari2 pon masalah.
Napa la susah sgt mw ckp bnda yg btol?
sush ka?bila suda kantoi, then bru lah maw ngaku.
BUT, things happen.so?wat do u expect me to do?
accept as the way it is?OMG.
i just cant.maybe,im a troublesome for u.maybe saya degil.i do.
yah,u now me and i noe im a bit complicated,
BUT do other women dont?i think suma pon cmtu if these things happened...
haih,watever la.
i just hope that these will get better in time.

p/s: still,i hope that u change.

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