Friday, July 16, 2010

10 things that u might want to know about me.

1. i like cats:)),,and recently, i think hamster is cute too:))

2. i am acrophobia.~_~(means,im fear of height)

3. i am both kedayan and murut (which is my race..:) )

4. i have birth mark on my body.

5. The one animal that i most afraid of is the SNAKES. (OMG,kmu bgi saya harimau pon sy tidak takut,cuma jgn bagi saya ular)

6. i never climb the mount Kinabalu even i live at Sabah.( its a shame kn?adoih)

7. I used to join a Nasyid Competition and guess what, we won!(haha)

8. sy dulu bersekolah di sekolah tadika cina,,haha,,but i forgot all the words!

9. sy suka gila mkn telur pindang!!(telur pindang means telur yg dimasak dalam herba2 cina tu)

10. sy suka mkn vege and ikan,,tpi bukn sayur labu and keladi,,(bgi la vege yg lain tpi bukan yg itu)

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HAHA.da habis!10 things trivia:)

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