Monday, July 12, 2010

Good midnight everyone:)

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oh,this time my entry is a bit late,,heh..
well,im in the process of updating my blog,,the settings,the layout,,
oh,btw,hows my new background ? cute x? (OMG perasan!lol)
haha,,im tryin the blogskin but the installation process is quite difficult,,
so,this one ok la bha kn?hihi,,
kali ni mw yg simple2 jak,,the past one is too messy,,i mean, i put a lot of graphics,,
and i just thought that i didnt actually need them,so, ..no more LARGE graphics..hee
ok,,today,i actually quite busy,( i mean compared to the usual days i had)
yea,,with all the assignments,a presentation for microbiology,GOSH!
the subject is killin me,,a lot of difficult names,u know, like hyalohyphomyces?
ok,cool,how about this one-scedosporium apiospermum?hah!( lidah pun tbalik kn mw sebut?)
and byk lagi,,
just fyi,im doin presentation for the medically important fungi..so,yg korg berbelit2 baca kt atas tu,,
is all about fungi yg exist dlm human body,,and almost all of them tu contaminant and pathogenic,,
and dont feel scared cause everybody has them in the body,just differs in how pathogenic they are in us.
(ok,too much blabbering, leena.)
ok,,ok,,just about another less than 2 hours from now,as the world know,THE FINAL WORLD CUP MATCH is just about to start. so,SAYA SOKONG SPAIN!!go!go!SPAIN!!
i want to watch it but unfortunately hell,i have 8am class today..( i just can escape rite??hihi)
no way i can escape it,i just feel guilty for not attending class like many2 times before,,owhh,,sh*t.
ok,watever is it,,for those yg sokong netherland tu,sy harap SPAIN menang!!!yeehaa
oh ya,btw,Germany won last night match!3-2 vs uruguay,,Bravo!oh,feel eager to know who`s the world champion,,i hope it will be spain!*_*..
ok,i think thats all for my late update,,till then.
Gud nite everyone.Hve a hot final world cup fever!:))
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p/s: tomorrow i`ll be taking my last sem result`s..wish me luck:)

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