Monday, July 12, 2010


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hye all:)
hari ini sgt2 memenatkan bg sy..but quite happy pasl SPAIN menang smlm!ohyeahh!
Rasa berbaloi bersengkang mata satu malam untuk tgk SPAIN menang,and at last it WORTH.:)))
and back to my tiresome day,oh!my eyes are too tired to handle the light,,
after the match that lasts at almost 6 am today, i DID NOT go to sleep but keep awake until the class starts.
I just dont want to miss the classes again,cause i`d already done that the week before.
Oh,how tired is that?and most PALING MANANG moment is my classmate, Kak Ziela is SURPRISE
to see me in the early morning class like ` Eh,Lina,,awlnya dtg klas arini?mcm tkjut akak tgk lina awl pagi kt cni..hehe..( i just dun noe its a tease or wat but ) `ok kak ziela,its already 8 kn? ( i mean, i came earlier! GOSH,ketara bha muka slalu dtg lmbt kn?lol)haha
the first class is still ok,,i took a lot of cafein in order to stay AWAKE lah konon...nasib baik lab,,
but the repro class la jga bha,,my eyes are really2 sleepy,,and i dont know a single thing about the lectures,,
GOSH,,punya mengantuk gila!
Then,after my class finished at 2,quickly went back home and take a nap,,ok,a long nap actually,,
until about 7,,recovering process la,,:P
and now,white sitting here doing this post,still,im feeling quite sleepy,,;(
but,before go to bed,just want to do a quick update here..
thats all for today.think that i want to layan the movie first,
Retro MySpace Layouts
Guess what?Pendekar Bujang Lapok,,,best dowh.


p/s: im still in the middle of renewing my blog,,so the setting is like tunggang tebalik,,need an extra free time,,but still searching,,:(

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