Monday, May 10, 2010

yippie yippie yaey!

hye all..
today,ada klas baru..ada campus baru!
msu suda siap la..
bt only the secnd phase k..
the first one xsiap lae..
but then..tdi, we got class at the new campus..
the classes are well organised and equipped..
not mentioning the airconds!
Thumbs up!
and the most best part is the..
Oh my..best gila rasanya dapt tandas yg clean and ada cermin besar..
PIty ka me??haha..
watever..its because the old campus has the worst toilet ever.ops.
New rules and strict.
tpi still lom fully-furnished..
classroom amatla selesa.
and the environment makes me feel like home.
(dun mistaken me..its just the AIRCONDS.aha.sleepy all the time.;))
BTW,msu di hatiku?
oh tidak.err...;p

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