Wednesday, May 5, 2010

yaahh..got new hair..hihi

Hye, people..
Yeay..i`d got new hair..;)
i only cut the front part..
and..as my face is a `BULAT` type..
( im sure my friends do noe this..hee )
so..my face is like tenggelam sedikit..
and of course..the BULAT is quite menyerlah..
my boo said that my face is like macik2..
how rude is that kn?
klu bida pon tapis2 la bha sikit tu ayat..aishh..
but then,my hoomies said..ok la..cute..
ya ka tue??maw jaga ati jak kn..;ppp
nda bhe..peace2.
so..this is it..;)

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