Tuesday, March 9, 2010

struggling to death.hell.

Hye people..
Long time no updates.
miss my blog..;)
well,im in the middle of exam mode..
few weeks past..
i`d been really busy..
lotsa stressors..
yea..i mean it when i said stressors.
last 2 weeks really been a hell for me..
monday to friday..
my schedule is packed with lab tests+quizzes+assigments+homeworks..
i am brainwashed.
but thank God..
i manage to handle them..
and a good relieve is that i`d already pass up all those works..
great job!;p
and today is my last class before the final starts..
and supposedly its a stdy week..
wish me luck fellows..!
and for the bloggies..
my dear friends that usually view my blog..
thanks all..
might be i`m gonna OFFLINE for a while..
u noe,with lots of things to do..
i will as soon as possible reach u dearies..;)
my result had already released..
Thank You Allah.;)

musculoskeletal system: A
bioethics: A
cardiovascular system: A
haematopoietic & lymphatic system: A
Introduction to medical science: A-
Endocrine system: B+

Quite upset for the endo result, but still..
Thank You Allah for giving me the blessings~chayo2!;)
wish me luck, people..

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