Thursday, July 22, 2010

my new keyboard..yeee:)

based on my post,well,yes,,i got new keyboard!haha..
wah,sgt2 happy hari ni cause my lappy yg sekian lama terkandas dlm beg laptop,,finally,got its new fingers,,ahaa
by that,a million thnks to MARIAM,which is my roomate,,for kindfully lending her laptop,everyday to me!..wee,,
pasni,lina online gna laptop sndri suda k:)suka3.and also a greatful thnks to Kak Wanie..for lending me the laptop,for sure..wah,,byk org ni sy pnjm laptop..pity kn?haha..
but,skrg,no need lagi!yeay.
so,today,life as usual,,getting pack!duh.the sooner the mid sem is,the marrier the classes are..eh?
and im gettin busy with extra routine activities,,extra classes,extra talks,extra..extra..extra..bla3
and damn,my lab reports are quite MUCH..and yet,not a single one done.(except the one that must be pass up at the dateline)
arghhh!recently,my life is not well organized,i have no organizer either..!gosh,i need one.
and now,im trying..which means im struggling to finish up my homeworks,and all those mind sucker assgments..and yes,i have a bundle of notes to be read for my coming exam.damn it.i need a therapy for this.and,,look,what i found in utube..actually,this vid da lama,but for those yg blum taw,taw2kn lah diri anda k?..hee...`ON THE ROCKS` is an AWESOME performance i must say!so,,enjoy!

p/s:sy pernah letak vid ni before,so for those yg belum tgk vid ni,sila2 lah tekan butang play k..:)bestnya if dapat perform mcm diorg ni kn?and fyi,ni students2 from University of Oregon,,and siap ada buat album single lagi yaww,,so,anyone interested can buy it from itunes k?btw,quite sleepy rite now,cant update much..so, have nice 1.36am people.Gud dawn.

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