Monday, July 19, 2010

im back home,,weee!

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the past two days are AWESOME plus tiring day,,
went to my auntie`s at sg buloh with mr haffiz..:)..suka3
pegi sana all day eating!damnn it,ive already had that 60++ kg,,and then,this will goes up if i didnt stop,,
hw can i ?ive been served by numerous food,,hahaha,and yet ,they are delicious!omg,seriously,its a miss jga tu??dehh
well,the last two days quite memorable for me,,very2 best,,i experienced a family moment,,thou,without my family here,,i mean ,near to me,,thnks to mr haffiz!^ ^
ok,,thats all for today,,wanna go fb-ing,,tata:)

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