Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hye all..
long time no updATES..
no interesting stories to share..
life as usual..
class and no class as well..
today..i have no class..
which is a yeay for me..;)))
but the thing is..BORING..
stay at home..nothing to do..
asgment teda...suda buat semalam..(semangat!)
mw tgk movie, but budget xenaf..huhu
want to go out,but dunnoe where..
wat a borink life..
btw,new update is that..
i go back to kk this comin 2 june!yeay!
BUT the not so good thing is that..
i can`t attend huda`s wedding..
oh my..such a miss rite..
the worst thing is..
her parents want me to become the pengapit..
but I can`t !!argghhh..
im so sorry..
I REALLY2 want to go!!!
but i can`t..huhu..
nvm then,i wish i can go..;((
im so sorry baby..
if only i can..;((

p/s: Huda is my bf`s sister..

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