Monday, April 5, 2010


Hye, all..Its been 2 weeks past ..
only now i manage to Online..
my hols r great..
quite tired but i`d enjoyed very much..
for the first week of hols.
not been so much fun..
stayin at home..
watchin tv, struggling in the kitchen wit my love..aha..
cookin dishes for my siblings..
thanks to my sayang..
for picking me up everyday.
goin out for walk until 9.30 pm.
million thanks also to my sister
as u allowed us to meet everyday..
and do wait and accompanied u after work..
during the last weekend..
i`d been quite busy..
super duper busy i mean..
i`d been in cheras..
to my sweetheart`s cousins.
i`d been there for 3 days for helping the family to arrange for kak yan`s big day.
its her wedding and all the cousins ARE THERE.
plus my love`s family.
they invited me to be there..and i`d go.
its fun being there to know his families.
They were really NICE to me..;)))
mama,mak teh,mak lang,and all the cousins are really sporting.
same goes to his parents...
love them.;)
been there makin me homesick.
I miss my parents so much..
u noe.
the event are much more a family-thingy.
reminds me back at home..
bt nvm then..
for inviting me there..;))
gettin to know ur family makin me really comfortable around u..
hope to see them next week..

and today.
this week.
classes as usual.
But not today cause the timetable hadnt released yet.
Another day off.
im goin out for karaoke this evening..
hve nice day people.
do take care.
asta lavista.;))

p/s: more pics upload comin soon..;))

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