Thursday, April 29, 2010

alahai sales.

Tdi pegi warehouse sale..
Usual place kt Stadium melawati..
dr luar looks quite boring..
not much people compare to last sales..
but still ok la..
surprisingly, don`t jugde a book by its cover..
haha..di dalam punya la ramai org..
and the stuffs quite make me RAMBANG MATA..
like OMG...
There is a summerset dress..
gosh..i totally love the dress..
its beautiful..
yet..suitable for my coming annual dinner..
and the price like..RM159?
ok fine..quite normal for a dress like that..
yet,ITs SUMMERSET babe.no less than hundred stuff.
but i probably think it twice..cause it worth kot..
the price is 60% after less..
so the original price i bet almost rm200++..
fuh..pening juga kpala tu buang almost 200 for a dress?
and for a nite?
ndapa la..
byk pilihan lagi kowt..
and this weekend goin to ts..
lotsa choice there..and the price pon CHEAPER.
ok then..thats all for today..

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