Wednesday, March 24, 2010

remember me

i`d finished My last paper yesterday..
oh sow..heavenly relief!
i`d already pack my notes and put them in the file..
quite a lot..
Hopefully,the coming short sem is managable..
good to Know that there`s only 3 subjects..
hope i can do well..;)
d last night, im goin out with my sweeTheart.
its a just the post- exam fever rite?
well,everyone needs it!;))
and we`re watching REMEMBER ME~

will u remember me honey?
thnks for the treat.;)

its a must-show.

cute & sexy.

Gosh, Superb.
Robert Pattinson is so damn hot.
though his appearance is quite messy but..
the character suits him well.

basically,its about life & love..
Go watch it guys..
gOod stuff to see;)
btw,during this few days,,
im goin back to my sis house at puchong..
So,im currently OFFLINE..for a week.
gonna miss ONLINES.
bt nvm then..
i wish to have exciting hols.
hope so..
For my boo,
i will Missing u.
bt i noe u will come to me everyday..heeehe
and..thnks for the ring.
i super love it.
so sweet of u..
i promise to take care of it.
love u more darling.
Ok fellows.
have nice hours and minutes.
do take care.

p.s: Tyler and Ally,such a sweet & romantic couple.
but thank God, im grateful to have one.

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